Goals of Flectra Community

We plan to found a Flectra Community

Would you support us?

First of all we are interested in your opinion about a flectra community. 
We are really grateful if you answer the following questions briefly (approx. 5min)

Is a community needed? *

What should the community do? *

What is the community not supposed to do? *

Where should the community be located and why? *

What is the relationship between the community and open source? *

Should the association support open source in its mission statement? *

What kind of memberships should we have? *

Notes about Membership

What is an acceptable membership fee?

less than 10 €between 10 and 50 €between 50 and 100 €between 100 and 500 €more than 500 €
Personal membership fee
Company membership fee
Passive membership fee
Sponsor membership fee
Comments about membership fee:

What do you think about providing apps and modules? *

I don't knownot neededmaybe latergood ideaabsolutely necessary
Migration of odoo modules to flectra
Bringing developers together to create modules
Creating modules under the patronage of the community
Selling modules under the patronage of the community (delayed releases?)
Provide a platform for developers to exchange experiences
Comments about apps and modules:

What should the community do for marketing and public relations? *

I don't knownot neededmaybe latergood ideaabsolutely necessary
Providing mailing lists
Providing a kind of forum
Providing additional documentations
Providing beginner guides
Organize community events
Publish important news on website (blog)
Publish important news on social media
Send important news by mail
Other marketing and PR ideas:

How should the community cooperate with Flectra HQ?

I don't knownot neededmaybe latergood ideaabsolutely neccessary
Collect members' needs and introduce Flectra HQ
Co-covernance with Flectra HQ
Influencing release planning
Transferring functions to Flectra core
Support in testing new versions
Subject-specific support (e.g. trade, production)
Ohter ideas on cooperation with Flectra HQ:

How would you participate? *

Some explanations about the following matrix

Business specialist: Here we are looking for people who have a lot of experience in a specialist area (e.g. trade, sales, web design, interfaces, ...) and ensure quality in this area as managers and final decision-makers.

Technical support: People with a good technical background who plan, set up, expand and maintain the IT infrastructure of the community.

no interestmaybe laterinterested but not experienced enoughinterestedfully motivated
Personal membership
Company membership
Passive membership
Board member
Business specialist
Project collaboration
Technical support
Other way to participate:

Your Name

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Do you have any concluding words for us?

May we contact you for further questions?

Do you want to be informed about the next steps?